What is The Plant Based Bae?

The Plant Based Bae site is focused on real life experience in topics ranging from recipes to product recommendations. It’s made to be a resource for new and seasoned vegans alike and is a great start for any curious carnivores exploring this particular path. Should you read on, you’ll gain tips & tricks to navigate a plant based lifestyle with ready-to-go lists of drive-thru orders, grocery trip examples for any budget, and even a cruelty free list of brands for your home & body. You’ll also learn how to apply this forward-way of thinking into every corner in your life for positive change towards overall health.

Who is The Plant Based Bae?

“Agave & A”

Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting! My name is Emerald May and I’m the author, editor, and founder of The Plant Based Bae. I decided to launch my site not only because of the love from my support system, but the growing curiosity among people I meet on a day-to-day basis. Since starting my own plant based journey looking for a more sustainable way, I’ve done countless hours of research and I’ve collected content over the years to help others explore uncharted territory and troubleshoot common pitfalls one might encounter with such an audacious lifestyle in choosing a vegan path.

Each and every one of us has an opportunity to make a significant impact on the universe around us. Our decisions can either guide us towards positive change, cause us to remain stagnant or even fall behind . There is no ultimate set of rules to choose from and you must set your own path out into the world. When all else fails: choose grace, empathy and compassion. You can join the movement with the choices you make in a single meal, your next purchase, or conversation.

Emerald May

What Inspired Me to Start The Plant Based Bae?

Living plant based is a simple yet, forward thinking way of decision making that involves a consistent habit of doing two simple things: weighing the impacts on animals, the environment, and individuals around them and making conscious, ethical decisions wherever possible. To get technical, living 100% plant based means directly advocating for the end of exploitation of animals by human consumption or use. It means eliminating meat, dairy products, and animal by-products like honey, broth and fats from your diet. It also means not wearing or purchasing items that contain leather, wool & especially fur. In the era at the peak of innovation for many things in this industry, we truly have no collective excuse as humans to continue to support the exploitation of animals in these areas. We can’t end all their suffering, but we can use our consumer power to force brands to change by using our voices for them by speaking louder and more frequently about this issue.

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