Best Apps for Vegans

Today’s technology makes it easy for people to navigate plant based restaurant options nearby or filter for animal derived ingredients in products instead of scanning the list on the back of a label. There’s an app for just about everything these days and vegans are at an advantage now more than ever. Things like dining out and shopping just got a lot easier thanks to mobile apps you can access at your fingertips. Keep reading to see the best apps for vegans on the market today.

Best Apps for Vegan Shopping

Is It Vegan?

This app turns your cell phone into an automatic vegan filter giving you the greenlight on what foods & drinks are vegan-friendly. This can vet everything from breads and cereal brands to candy. While it’s not perfect, it will let you know common ingredients that are labeled as vegan, vegetarian, or definitely not vegetarian. This helps you steer clear of hidden animal ingredients like carmine, gelatin, and casein. You also have the option to either scan, search for the item by name or type in the barcode. The only downside to this app is that it contains ads but that helps keep it free, so it’s a pretty fair tradeoff.

Cruelty Cutter

This app has a lengthy database of cruelty-free items from categories like animal care, body care, cosmetics, household products & personal care. You can search by company or category to help you learn whether an item contains animal ingredients or conducts animal testing. For a quick tip, you can filter through the company search by selecting “Do Not Test” or Do Test” to see which companies you should support and which ones you should immediately boycott for their testing on animals. You also have the option to work towards earning “Doggie Dollars”, which leads to special promotions & discounts from companies partnered with the app. You can even share a “Cruelty Free Pledge” directly from the app to spread awareness to others that there are more ethical options out there.

Bunny Free

This app opens up to an immediate user-friendly search page that can be filtered from “Don’t test”, “Test” or “Both”. You can also select vegan companies only or search PETA partners (it’s important to remember that vegan and cruelty-free are not the same thing). This app has listings on everything from bath care to vitamins & supplements, making this a great addition to other vegan apps on your phone.

Best Apps to Find Vegan-Friendly Restaurants


This app lets you find vegan restaurants that are local to you. It’s an app you can trust with real reviews from vegans & vegetarians. This is extremely helpful when a bar or restaurant isn’t exclusively vegan but has plant based options, so you’ll know what to order when you visit. Many reviews include photos of menus so you know what to expect if it’s not already posted online. This app is great whether you’ve recently moved to a new area or are traveling to a new city. It even includes a list of vegan bed & breakfast recommendations you can choose from. While this is a paid app, you can search for vegan-friendly restaurants on the web browser for free here.

Vanilla Bean

This app helps you discover vegan-friendly options nearby. It comes with completely vegan, vegan/vegetarian, or pescatarian filters you can choose from. It also includes options like gluten-free, organic, local, fair-trade or raw ingredients to take it a step further. From there, you can filter by price point. If you’re planning a trip, you can search by city and map out your options before you go. The main difference between this app and Happycow is that it is free but comes with limited listings in comparison.

Best Apps for Vegan Recipes

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner

This app is great for nights when you don’t know what to cook for dinner. You simply enter the ingredients you have on hand to figure out what dishes you can make with them or you can enter ingredients you don’t want to use (i.e. meat, dairy, fish, egg) and it will show you recipes that don’t include them. You can personalize your feed by selecting dairy-free, vegan and smoothies to help you refine it for vegan-friendly recipe options. The “Dinner Spinner” option randomizes dish type, ingredients & the time it takes to prepare it. You can also manually select items from these categories for an easier search if you’re looking for something more specific. Once you’ve selected your dish, it will usually include photos and a step-by-step recipe along with tips for what ingredients are on sale at stores near you.

Food Monster- Vegan Recipes

This app features recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert & snacks. It also includes seasonal dishes and can be filtered for gluten-free, grain-free, high protein, raw or whole foods recipes. There are limited recipes that you can access for free from the homepage but it takes a paid subscription to get the full range of what this app includes (i.e. meal plans). The free version is great if you’re into exploring quality, fresh new recipes without a filter.

Best Apps for Vegan Nutrient Tracking


This app is great for new or seasoned vegans to understand the nutrient breakdown of foods to help you meet your bodyโ€™s most essential needs. It allows you to log your meals and provides you with a checklist with prompts such as “Did at least two of your meals contain protein-rich foods? or “Did you eat a really rich source of omega-3 fat today?” to make sure you’re hitting all the right targets. As you track your progress, it will also give you tips on nutrients you’re lacking and easy fixes like “It looks like you need some help with your 5-a-day. Do you like broccoli?”.


This app isn’t necessarily vegan-exclusive, but it is helpful to vegans in meeting their weight goals. It gives you the ability to log meals, water-intake, exercise and your weight on a daily basis. Based on your weight & nutrient goals, it sets a recommended target calorie intake and lets you know how close you are to reaching your macronutrients for each day. Foods can be logged through scanning or searching ingredients in the database. You can also log and view recipes in the app helping you understand the nutritional breakdown of what foods you’re making at home. This app is free, but you can subscribe to a premium version to set different daily goals and get a deeper food analysis.

I hope you find this article useful for navigating vegan-friendly restaurants, products and nutrition choices through mobile apps. If you’re looking for more information on getting started on a vegan diet & lifestyle, you can visit How to Go Vegan.

As always, thanks for your love & support.

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