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Emmy May

Author, Editor & Creator of The Plant Based Bae

About Me

A little bit about me…

I’m a 28-year old home birthing, breastfeeding, natural vegan mom living near Boise, Idaho. I’ve always been passionate about writing and realized a few years ago that I was also really passionate about saving animals. Coming from small-town Defiance, Ohio no one probably saw that coming. Animal products were at the core of my Mexican-American culture growing up. But after years of living in Southern California, I guess you could say part of that culture grew on me too.

My journey into veganism was a smooth one even though I did experience challenges with weight loss in the beginning. Like many people who jump into veganism, I tried to replicate what my diet looked like before instead of reaching for more whole foods. Now that I have more knowledge on nutrition, I’ve figured out how to cook plant based meals that my entire family can enjoy while supporting our individual health goals. I want to show the world that it doesn’t have to be hard living off plants alone. You can thrive on a vegan diet while pregnant, breastfeeding, or working towards weight loss/gain.

My professional background is in sales, advertising & marketing, events, and public speaking. I launched this site in 2020, sharing some budget-friendly recipes and benefits to veganism. But when I posted about quitting my job during the pandemic because it was harming my mental & physical health, I was flooded with messages that made me realize people need to hear about topics like that too. Once I became a mom, I knew I had even more experience through my pregnancy & postpartum journey to share on my site. When I’m not busy with my family or blogging, you can find me doing yoga, playing video games or roller skating.

You can read more about me and my little family in my personal blog. Enjoy!