What is The Plant Based Bae?

The Plant Based Bae is focused on sharing real-life experiences in topics ranging from recipes to parenting hacks in the effort to promote and foster an attitude of animal advocacy throughout the world. It’s made to be a resource for new and seasoned vegans alike and is a great start for any curious omnivores exploring this particular path. Should you continue on, in addition to learning about animal rights, you’ll gain tips & tricks to navigate a plant based lifestyle with ready-to-go lists of drive-thru orders, baby registry must-haves and product reviews. You’ll also learn how to apply this forward-way of thinking into every corner in your life for positive change towards overall health and wellness.

The Blog

The blog is made for committed vegans, vegetarians, health nuts & omnivores alike. Each post aims to share that you can apply both practicality and a positive impact in every avenue of your life. Topics range from recipes, health tips, and even general life advice through storytelling. We’re just getting started, but you can stay tuned for more content and ways to stay connected.

Who is The Plant Based Bae?

Hi! I’m Emmy May and I’m the author & creator behind The Plant Based Bae. A little bit about me… Shortly after my 25th birthday, I decided to switch to a plant based diet which led to me making positive changes in many other areas of my life. Once I realized the impact my diet had on myself, animals, and environment I started questioning more things around me. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to share my experiences & findings with others to spread the power of positivity & veganism out into the world.

Emmy May The Plant Based Bae

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