What is The Plant Based Bae?

The Plant Based Bae is focused on sharing real-life experiences in topics ranging from recipes to product recommendations in the effort to promote and foster an attitude of animal advocacy. It’s made to be a resource for new and seasoned vegans alike and is a great start for any curious omnivores exploring this particular path. Should you read on, in addition to learning about animal rights, you’ll gain tips & tricks to navigate a plant based lifestyle with ready-to-go lists of drive-thru orders, grocery trip examples for any budget, and even a cruelty free list of brands for your home & body coming soon. You’ll also learn how to apply this forward-way of thinking into every corner in your life for positive change towards overall health and wellness.

The Blog

The blog is made for committed vegans, vegetarians, health nuts & omnivores alike. Each post aims to share that you can apply both practicality and a positive impact in every avenue of your life. Topics range from recipes, health tips, and even general life advice through storytelling. We’re just getting started, but you can stay tuned for more content and ways to stay connected.

Who is The Plant Based Bae?

Hi! I’m Emmy May and I’m the author & creator behind The Plant Based Bae. A little bit about me… Shortly after my 25th birthday, I decided to switch to a plant based diet which led to me making positive changes in many other areas of my life. Once I realized the impact my diet had on myself, animals, and environment I started questioning more things around me. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to share my experiences & findings with others to spread the power of positivity & veganism out into the world.

Animal Advocacy

More people are interested in veganism than ever, leading some to choose to eliminate the use of animal products in their everyday life. The impacts have a ripple effect out in the world and have the means to make major waves with regard to today’s society, corporations, & future of animal rights. Read on to see what the buzz is all about & why you might see more people making the switch in January for their New Year’s resolution this year. Ditching animal products from your life is the easiest, most impactful thing you can do to help fight animal cruelty and preserve the environment we all live in. Read on to see what kind of impact you can make this season by trying it for a single meal….or even a 30-day challenge!

Vegan Recipes

Vegan Recipe Blog

The Vegan Recipe Blog section is dedicated to anyone who likes to cook likes to cook affordable, more health conscious, plant based meals…or all of the above. It’s perfect whether you’re looking for easy swaps in your favorite recipes like ‘cheezy’ lasagna or traditional Mexican rice. It’s also going to show you how to make copycat items at home you didn’t even know were possible…like Vegan Clam Chowder! The “Easy” series features meals you can throw together in under 15 minutes or with minimal effort because being vegan doesn’t always mean you have to slave away in the kitchen all day or be a professional chef! Hop on over to see what you can add to your next meal prep menu.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for these fun new recipes to try!

Vegan Restaurant Options

Have you been wondering where the best food spots are for vegans or do you love to travel around the United States and are just looking for a list of safe items to pick from? This Vegan Dining Guide section features easy orders for drive-thru, dine-in or takeout to help you find the right meals for you and your family on a plant based diet. This list features local, small businesses as well as larger chains you’ve probably heard of.

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